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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Ukulady - Thessaly Lerner, Voice Over Artist, Destroyer of Evil

I've been facebook "friends" with Thessaly for a while and as I have begun my entries into voice over acting, the networking involved, helping my agency signed daughter with her demos and auditions, I keep coming back to her and her unique style that seems to fully allow her to express herself in an authentic, funny and sometimes serious way that seems to be finding her a niche.  She also is the Ukulady as a musical project.  I decided to post an entry here at Boy on the Bike and share some of what I've admired from afar.  Hope she doesn't mind... :-)


Child of a belly-dancer and a candlestick maker, Thessaly Storm Lerner was born in an electric storm in West Marin, California.  Alternatively-schooled and  artistically-encouraged, Rainbow Valentine/Clara’s early years were spent changing her name,  playing dress-up and yearning for child-stardom, which never came.  Determined to play Annie or Dorothy, Lerner attended Emerson College, where she graduated on roller-skates with a BFA in the earnest-kind of Acting.  Subsequently, she moved to San Francisco, where she performed, wrote, directed and produced comedic theatricals, founded an improv troupe, worked with many notable Bay Area Theatre companies and became a voiceover talent.  Lerner’s voiceover credits include Electronic Art’s “The Sims 2” and all expansion packs, Sony Playstation’s “Silent Hill 1 & 3”, dozens of Leapfrog Toys, Disney, WB Kids, MTV and hundreds more.  Upon moving to LA in 2004, Lerner became The Ukulady and has performed on National Lampoon Radio, KPFK, at The Hollywood Improv, Comedy Store, The Venetian Hotel in Vegas, Pride & Fringe Festivals, NYC Uke Fest, her own weekly variety show in Hollywood, The Ponyshow, and her first album, Banned From Canters! was released in 2008!  The Ukulady is constantly performing and creating new songs and projects, so check for schedules and updatesies!
T.Storm Lerner’s hobbies include gardening, thrifting/flea-marketing, cooking, sewing, reading, waterfall/swimming-hole exploration, world-travel, family ‘n’ friend-hang-out-time & campaigning for The Downfall of Evil!  

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