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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LSD Charter School Blues - A Local Protest Story

Recently our little rural school district in San Geronimo Valley, (called the Lagunitas School District) has been going through a big kerfluffle.  We have three alternative public options: Montessori, Waldorf Inspired and Open Classroom.  We have about 230 or so kids in the entire K-8 district!  Recently some of the Waldorf inspired program parents submitted a charter proposal to the district that would have severely impacted the entire rural district as it was written.  As of last night the charter petition was withdrawn, but not before it inspired my friend Wes to seed the idea of a local protest song and video for youtube.  I took the bait and mashed up styles and influences from Dylan, Eminem and Beastie Boys into this song and video.

It seems that the law firm involved in this has some ties to the Walton Family Foundation.  Charter schools can work in many situations, but this is a rural district with 3 "charter like" programs already.  It seems more like the money behind this and other similar movements is a union busting trend... like so many other union and general middle class attacks these days.