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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

After the Audition

My 2nd grader gets much better gigs than me at this point as she's signed with a large San Francisco talent agency. I'm rebuilding my reels and putting on my don Quixote armor for another tilt at the brass ring on that windmill. I am enjoying it a lot mostly and that's what counts huh? I'm liking sites like Voice123 that are bringing me lots of leads. Some nibbles but no bites yet.

While I build, formulate and network, careening towards career path version 53.3.x, (while still try to hold down whatever the current one is and take care of her and the 3year old,) she can still draw on that source of play, fantasy and wonder uncrushed by whatever this thing called reality is. While I struggle with the "too lates" and the "why bothers" and the "woe's me's" inside my Swiss cheese daddy brain, she can just knock out a read or an in person audition with grace, fun and a litheness I wish and hope to tap into more again. It used to be a way of being for me. Somewhere along the way it got milled down like the nourishing bran of a grain of rice, leaving seemingly a vague starchy middle. But... "I'm working' on it...!"

So then she goes and knocks out a drawing like this one here. What a deal huh? Why all CVS bags? I dunno. That's about the fanciest place she shops these days...

I am proud we've made the choice to support our kids' creativity and be home and present with them in their early years. It does help to hear all the compliments we get about them. Hope it continues. Hope I can continue to work on the "hopeful" side of this optimistic pessimism thing I seem to do. In the words of "Red" in "The Shawshank Redemption," ... "I hope..."

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