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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The New Vocal Booth!

Via Instagram and FaceBook

Got a great tip on how to get that real "chesty, vocal chords vibrating right in your face" sort of VO sound.  Thanks to the incredible Philip Barrett for the continuous tips and wisdom of all things audio
  • Hey Philip, I was wondering what eq/compression etc. technique is used these days in VO (I know it's partially the voice itself) to get that really present midrangy, breathy sound? Almost like you are living in the dude's vocal chords and can hear them flap about? Example included:
  • Philip: What you're hearing is primarily the voice - however, mount the mic low & pointing up (more chest cavity) and get in closer still. Compression should be applied on the way in (fast attack, slow release, 5:1) and then hard limiting on the way out. That should do it for ya!
  • Ken: ahh... i have been using a more 3.5:1 ratio and as a post process. i actually don't like that "flapping" sound that much... sounds like you can hear the nicotine buildup on the vocal chords... ;-) plus, my voice and my daughter's are higher in timbre, so we don't have as much "flap." thanks philip!

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