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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello World, Now Listen to Me!

Hi there.  This being my first post, I'd just like to thank all the corporate and government grants that came together to make this blog possible.  I can now live comfortably in my favorite resort island of Capri while I send out my little missives on fatherhood, diapering, music, food, maybe, just maybe some politics.  Jealous?  I hope not.  As that is just a pipe dream.  But after millions flock to this blog, perhaps.

So, I have a just now 10 month old, Jasper and an almost six year old daughter, Jubilee who rule my world.  I'll see how it goes chronicling theirs and my escapades together.

Oh, and (I know you saw this coming) I'm a songwriter, audio engineer, producer guy with a groovy band called Gravity Plan.  Check us out. We're all a bunch of DILFs.  At least we think so... ;-)

Stay tuned....

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