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Friday, August 29, 2008

McNasty Chooses Experienced Basketball Player to Be A Heartbeat Away

Well, John McCain has sure stirred things up, that wily wascal maverick type old guy that he is. Hmmm... let's see... How can we tap into that whole "youth, change" thing? Oh I've got it! Let's pick an anti choice former school basketball star who has been mayor and is now governor of a state with very little population! Oh yeah, well, she's got five kids, one a newborn with special needs... ah she even said recently she wasn't ready to be Vice President. Er, uh that'll sure shake things up. See? I am a maverick, yes I sure am...

Don't worry that I'm 72, have had 2 bouts with cancer and might blow a head gasket next time I get angry. This person can do the job. And... she'll pick up all those disgruntled Hillary voters.

Well, maybe not, with that anti choice thing she's got going. It is historic though.

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