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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Seems Hillary's Hired Karl Rove

Yet another reason that we've had just about enough of the Clintons. Oh yeah, that and the fact that overwhelmingly, Republicans want her to be the nominee cause they can probably beat her. Hillary, drop the ego and step aside. It's not your time; and if you keep this up you may never get a chance and may help the Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But what do I care? It's not my planet.

-Maltok 5

Obama "blacker" ad no accident

Wed Mar 05, 2008 at 02:42:02 PM PST

From a reader:

I just wanted to leave a remark about this "blacker" issue, and comments that it is somehow something that just happened in the video editing process. I work in advertising (copywriter, [Big national advertising firm]). I sit in the rooms where the post production occurs, and this includes color correction. While things look different on many TVs, they don't look this dramatically different. Nothing that you see in a final advertisement is accidental. These things are looked at (or should be looked at if they are doing their jobs) second by second. Even more unforgiving is the stretching of the footage. It is possibly the result of laziness on the part of the editor, but it would have been easier to actually not stretch it, and just crop it.

Nothing in advertising is accidental. It is over-thought and then subjected to second thoughts and second guessing then over-thought and re-looked at again. I've been doing this ten years. It is my professional opinion that the film was made darker, and it has obviously been stretched. I will not comment on their reasons, as I can't offer an informed case for that.

Remember the "RATS" ad used against Gore in 2000? The Bush campaign was mocked in its claims of ignorance because ad makers pore over every detail of their ads before releasing them for broadcast. There was a concerted effort by Clinton's ad people to make Obama look darker, more sinister, and with a wider nose. The evidence is indisputable.

And from reader cartwrightdale:

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