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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Perhaps Our Last Hope Dances To The Beat Of An Internal Defibrillator

Some forward thinking folks may be on to something here. Who but the whining, knee jerk, elite, poo-poo head liberals would need to hide behind something like the Constitution anyway? The man is nothing if not dashing, muscular and oozes credibility. Do you think that in this picture he's asking where the Queen got her handsome hat? - M5

Dick's the Man: Dick Cheney 2008

America is under attack from people who hate our freedom, and the Democrats are every day growing bolder in their support of the kind of radical " 21st century fascism" practiced by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Hugo Chavez, and in their attacks on our brave troops. Indeed, the situation is so dire for our country that some have begun to ask a very relevant question: is a military coup and dictatorship the only thing which could save this great land?

There is a much more positive solution for our country, and some are already beginning to recognize it: [more]


  1. Maltok, welcome to my planet and thanks for linking to my blog. As you have aptly stated, I advocate on behalf of a political leader who is vigorous, young, good-looking, and who has been exactly right on every major decision with which he has been involved. Your blog makes for very interesting reading as well, although I question the science behind the "global warming" to which you refer.

  2. I might add, it is tremendously exhilarating to put quotation marks around "global warming," "evolution," and other "theories."

  3. Thank you for your welcoming hospitality, but as previously stated in my Earth Blog, you all are indeed the seed of my loins, so to speak, after a drunken night with some chimps soooo long ago. Ah, memories. But I digress.

    You do have quite a vigorous and marketable candidate in your man Dick. And putting quotation marks around your Earth "words" has become so enjoyable that (for me) it has replaced the act you would know as "sex."

    -Maltok 5